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Interesting techniques of Oral Sex

In the intimate life of couples can be prohibited only that the partners themselves do not approve. Here and oral sex, which not so long ago was considered almost a perversion, is now practiced, most couples. 

By Passion * NO SPAM * offers you to learn the best techniques for oral sex. Oral sex (fellatio - oral sex the penis, and cunnilingus - female) - stimulation of the genitals with the lips and tongue. This is one of the oldest forms of meeting a partner, which, however, conservative in sexual terms, people often referred to as a perversion. 

In this article we will talk about fellatio. Good oral sex - not just a way to give pleasure, but also a real opportunity to bind to a human. Even if you are not pleased loved oral sex, or doing it all the time, never late to learn or improve technique. 

We offer you 10 interesting techniques of oral sex, through which your man will not forget you never. 

1. Play with your food Watch the woman caressing cock - real pleasure for almost any man. Watch a woman licks a member of the ice cream, honey or yogurt - bliss bordering on nirvana. Round and round, drip from the top and lick. Food, in a sense, is one of the best toys for sexual fun with the limitless possibilities of use. Connect your imagination! It can be whipped cream, berry syrup, chocolate sauce. Most foods, except for sharp, safe for use on the outside of the genitals. However, if you protect yourself by using condoms, be careful with fatty foods because oil and grease, dissolved latex condom can break. Also be careful with food-allergen - for example, many people may experience allergic to honey. 

2. Piquant situation is typical of a teenage boy's fantasy: he rides a red convertible car at high speed, while the chic blonde doing a blow job. Now you are grown up and understand that this situation is a real threat to life - because the man in the moment of orgasm is just not able to concentrate on driving. But unbutton his pants and play with a member of the arm at a time when he was driving, not so dangerous. Connect your mouth when you arrive at your destination and the driver turns off the motor. There are plenty of other savory places that are suitable for an unforgettable oral sex: a bathroom at a party on the balcony (where others can see his torso, but you can not see). And you can catch it (of course, lips) when leaving the house for work. 

3. Lick like candy This technique is most often used in porn films because it allows him to fully observe the process. It is best to carry it on his knees, and taking into account your height - perhaps the man would be better to stand for something. The bottom line is that you need easy access to his scrotum. Lift up the penis, opening the testicles. Then find the line that passes between them - it usually has a darker color. This line originates from the bottom of the scrotum - and from there to start the movement language, continuing to slowly move toward the head. Imagine that you are in the hands of a big lollipop. Repeat this 10 times slowly licks and then go to a different technique. 

4. Swallows the whole this technique is that, having covered his teeth with his lips, fast motion "swallow" a member as far as possible. No, you do not need to learn quite a difficult technique called "deep throat". The idea is that the partner needs to see how his cock rapidly disappearing in the depths of your mouth ... Many women start to polizyvaniya head, plunging the cock in her mouth deeper and deeper. This relaxes the man and he does not expect quick ingestion - which is why this technique is to excite and amaze even more. By the way, if you're wondering, "Deep Throat" - a way of dipping a member of the full length inside the throat with overcoming the gag reflex (the latter is a particularly difficult and requires special training). 

5. Help yourself by handholding the base of the penis and fill your mouth with saliva - this will make a slip of soft, easy and enjoyable. Fist of the free hand slide over the penis up and down, squeezing his hand in the head. Then connect the mouth to the movements of his hand - at this point if the hand is an extension of your mouth. Create a pleasant mouth feel of vacuum (not suck too much), sliding up and down, continuously following the hand over her mouth. If you have problems with coordination, just hold her hand at the base of the penis and make only the movement of the mouth. 

6. Carrot and stick Any way of oral sex can be improved using the technique of compression. A fantastic fireworks display emotions in men is a combination of hard and soft compression hand stroking tongue. When you reach the hand of the head, a member of the partner masturbating, squeeze harder fist. At the same time tracing your tongue around the head, simulating the funnel. This is a simple and very effective move. Play with your bridle - a strip of skin connecting the foreskin to the head: you can tap on it to make a tense language, or "butterfly" - the movement, which simulates the language fluttering wings of a butterfly on the bridle. 

7. Become a porn star can hate a man's quality, but the fact remains that the majority of men love to watch porn. The reason for this is that - they love the eyes, and there is a detailed demonstration of porn films of all aspects of sexual intercourse. Add the flavor of eroticism in his repertoire: start with sensuous kisses while standing, and then suddenly drop to their knees. With one hand, put his penis in your mouth, and then, looking eye to eye, hands, pat his belly, nipples (if falls short). The main feature of this method - to show a man that you keep a member in the mouth without using their hands, like a pacifier. It's crazy winds. 

8. Head down while your partner undress, lie down on the bed head in the direction where the usually lie your legs. Accordingly, the legs are in the side of the pillow. When he comes to bed, lower the head so that it hung in the air, hold hands, a partner in the buttocks and grab the penis in her mouth. If the bed is too low, put a pillow under the shoulders. It turns out that you deliver your partner oral pleasure, while being upside down. It completely controls the process, but you have the opportunity to send it, using his hands to speed up or slow down the action. This technique not only looks sexy from the outside, but also gives you the opportunity to capture a member as far as possible, avoiding the gag reflex. 

9. Game "in the balls" best compliment you can give a man - is to show him how much you want to be in the area of his genitals. And the best opportunity to demonstrate this - fully explore the subject, of course - petting. Take one or both testicles in his mouth, moaning a little, suck, lick and nibble them.By the way, if you do not want it to finish your mouth, this technique - your salvation! Bringing a partner to orgasm, continue to stimulate the scrotum tongue while masturbating cock. It will also certainly enjoy if you caress the language area between the anus and testicles - for many men is the strongest erogenous zone. 

10. Anusling does not prohibit this technique is suitable if you have the courage and the present there is no aversion toward a loved one. It includes the language of anal stimulation. Polizyvaniya, shocks and tremors in the language of the anus is a great pleasure (by the way, this applies to both sexes!), Because this is a very sensitive area, which has many nerve endings. If you are concerned about protecting topic and you are afraid of a disease-causing germs and infection through such contact or you are just squeamish, install a barrier between the anus and the partner - it can be, for example, the half-condom. Many men are very fond of anusling, but feel free to say so. So go ahead, if you are not afraid of such a bold experiment.
Acknowledgement: Wikipedia
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