Friday, September 5, 2014

Celebrities who become famous after 'sex tape leak' episodes

Paris Hilton

Lindsay Lohan

Kim Kardashian

Jhonni Rhoze

Alysa Milano

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Monday, September 1, 2014

The Cheer Gang: The Hottest College Cheerleading Squads

#1 University Of Central Florida

One of the hardest working cheer squads in the country, the UCF Knights placed third in ESPN's Wide World Of Sports competition earlier this year and the same type of success goes into their affiliate dance programs that put an effort into visual aesthetics (i.e. appearances aren't meant to be natural, not deceiving).

#2 University Of Utah

Cheerleaders do get a lot of heat for their stereotypical personalities that often derive from films like "Bring It On" but University of Utah cheerleaders are the complete opposite. Their squad puts a tremendous amount of effort in community service, helping out fans, local residents and even the elderly

#3 Louisiana State University

Jocks will always be jocks but LSU's cheerleading squad is notoriously short in terms of stature. They don't seem to mind though as they're still one of the loudest squads in the country!

#4 Virginia Tech University

The Virginia Tech squad pride themselves in a tremendous amount of school spirit and the love and enthusiasm behind Hokies Sports and it's evidently shown; their attractive squad is noted for being involved in national competitions as they're willing to "yell and kick butt" any time necessary.

#5 Texas Tech University

Texas Tech may have their Masked Rider, Raider Red mascot and a commendable college football program, but their cheerleading squad will melt your heart. That is if it isn't stolen first by the exquisite taste or smell of traditional Texan barbecue!

#6 Baylor University

A nationally ranked top Christian university that's located in Waco, Texas, Baylor is the home of Robert Griffin III and of course, the Baylor Bears cheerleading squad. Although they aren't a competitive team, perform at special events such as Homecoming and community gatherings

#7 Texas Christian University

With Texas and Texas Tech being popularized by national media, Fort Worth's TCU is often forgotten about. In this case, we'll quickly point the finger at the school's name (the Horned Frogs) because it definitely can't be the TCU CHEER squad

#8 University Of Texas

Landing at #5 on this list, it's easy to see why celebs such as Matthew McConaughey are so eager to attend home games. The Longhorns are always caught at the center of attention in the big state of Texas and so are their dames in their UT Spirit Program

#9 University Of Alabama

As Alabama takes their football program seriously, it's only fitting that their cheer squads take cheerleading seriously. Divided up into two groups - the White Squad and the Crimson Squad - the school's cheerleaders put a major focus on fitness as all members are required to attend on-call weight lifting/workout sessions!

#10 University Of Southern California

USC Trojans sports pride themselves in class which is why the school took a personal hit when their team was cuffed with mandatory rules this past offseason. The USC Song Girls however haven't lost a step as their authentic outfits based on vintage traditions still shimmer, shine and pop!

#11 University Of Oregon

If you ask anyone who watches pigskin on the college level, they'll tell you that the top cheerleaders in the country are "The Amabassadors Of The University Of Oregon". Year in and year out, they always seem to find the most attractive cheerleaders in the country and in a way, that's an understatement!

#12 University Of California, Los Angeles

Competitive and enthusiastic, the UCLA Spirit Squad is a prized cheerleading squad that's known around the country for placing high in professional competitions and for their well designed uniforms that uphold the Bruins name.

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