Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sport's Added Enjoyment

21 Great Moments in Sports-Related Cleavage

10. Melissa Berry
When the well gets a little dry, we can always go back to the Lingerie Football League. Apparently, Melissa Berry was recently divorced, which means she's single. I'm 99% you're single, too.
9. Megan Christine
megan christine
What are the requirements for the Lingerie Football League? Is it like working at Hooters? Do they get insurance for back problems? Do I really care?
8. Ana Ivanovic
Is there a greater cleavage moment in tennis than the follow-through on a serve? It's to breasts what "leaning forward and bouncing the ball before a serve" is to butts.
7. Ashley Harkelroad
American Ashley Harkelroad: Ugly name, Pretty girl.
6. Sable
sable (1)
Well, if this doesn't count as "cleavage," then I've been grossly misinformed. And, she's totally an athlete. If she wasn't an athlete, why would she be so sweaty?
5. Misty May
misty may
In the interest of affirmative action, we have included the "cleavage" of Olympic volleyball sensation Misty May. They can't all be tennis in the top 5.
4. Caroline Wozniacki
caroline wozniacki
At the risk of bringing this up a little late, is there any question that tennis is the well from which we draw 99% of our sports cleavage? Marathon runners are a distant second.
3. Maria Sharapova
Our silver medalist, Maria, staying low after a serve.
2. Anna Kournikova
Anna Kournikova
That's our Anna. It's always neck and neck between her and Maria to top these lists. But this time, she's only #2
1. Simona Halep
Simona Halep recently had a breast reduction surgery. While that definitely knocks her down a peg or two (not to mention, a cup size or two), we prefer to remember the good times. And what good times they were. In our hearts, she's still #1

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