Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hot Sports Reportrs

Ah, female sports reporters – there shouldn’t be any other kind. What with the all too testosterone soaked frenzy of competitiveness that is professional sports, audiences don’t need another male telling them what’s going on (unless it’s the faceless voice of a has-been hidden away up in the commentary box). No, what viewers really want to see roving around putting their microphones in all the wrong places are smokin’ hot babes there to remind us what we’d really choose to watch if push came to shove. So let’s go down pitch side and enjoy the action as we bring you the 10 hottest sports reporters on Earth.

10. Leeann Tweeden

Virginian born patriot Leeann Tweeden is a graduate of Hooters and has graced the cover of FHM and Playboy in the past. Previously a correspondent on Fox Sport Net’s Best Damn Sport Show Period, she currently hosts NBC’s Poker After Dark, and has yams you could park your boat between. Poker has never, ever looked this sexy.

9. Erin Andrews

Mammary fun at ESPN now, courtesy of Playboy Magazine’s ‘Sexiest Sports Reporter’, Erin Andrews – the only reporter on this list to have appeared in a naked video. She was secretly filmed in 2009 by an aging sex pest through a hole in her hotel room wall. After the vid went public, she took measures to have it suppressed.

8. Ulrika Jonsson

Swedish born presenter of hit UK show Gladiators, Ulrika Jonsson may not be well known Stateside, but that doesn’t stop her being our number 8. With a private life littered with scandal and sadly unverified sex tape rumors, the blond bombshell’s track record shows that she’s a woman of all tastes – having gone from dating Gladiators bodybuilder James ‘Hunter’ Crossley to bedding Waldo look-a-like ex-England soccer manager Sven-Goran Eriksson.

7. Jill Arrington

In the world of sports, tennis fans are by far the most spoiled. Eastern European babes in belt-sized white skirts, sweating profusely and making intriguing noises as they are snapped ruthlessly from the bottom up by equally sweaty press photographers? The last thing these lucky bastards snapping pics need is a good looking female reporter blocking the view. Cue Jill Arrington, the generously proportioned University of Miami graduate currently residing on the Tennis Channel.

6. Jamie Little

One of the many virtues bestowed upon smokin’ babes is the ability to make something very, very boring into something very, very interesting. Case in point: Jamie Little, whose career of pit-reporting for NASCAR has made the world’s most achingly repetitive sport a little more bearable. Aside from looking like a hot Cheryl David, she has a proven record both off and on the racetrack, having won the Toyota Pro/Celebrity race in 2008. Gentlemen, start your engines!

5. Kirsty Gallacher

Another entry from the other side of the Atlantic, Kirsty Gallacher is generally acknowledged as the queen of English soccer reporting. Having appeared on Sky Sports News and Soccer AM – both essential parts of any self-respecting soccer fan’s hungover Saturday spent on the couch – Kirsty makes it all better for you with her brunette sophistication and D-Cup puppies.

4. Adriana Monsalve

Another choice selection from the ESPN bucket of hot women, Venezuelan Adriana started her entertainment career in a handful of girl bands but decided journalism was where her heart lay. After a number of television roles she was offered her current contract reporting for the Hispanic Central American population. A classy gal in her pantsuits and tailored shirts, with a body that could at worst be described as pleasing, she’s an easy choice for our number 4 spot.
Adriana Monsalve Biography

3. Ashley Russell

Ashley appears on the Yahoo! Sports Minute every morning, and what a thing to wake up to. Not only is she a bona fide babe, she once owned and ran AMAX, Nashville’s most prestigious model agency… Entrepreneur Ashley has hosted both Yahoo! and online sports news, and promises that with her background in journalism and management, her newly formed production company will be going places in the world of sports journalism. Smart and hot? Just what sports needs.
Ashley Russel Biography

2. Erin Bates

Everybody loves X-games. What’s not to love? Throw Erin Bates into the picture and there really is no excuse not to be glued to the television. Commentating on motorsports since 2003, she ain’t just a pretty face. She can ride the bikes too, having been an avid motorhead since she was small. An all terrain high-octane chassis wrapped in a stunning body… insert your own adrenaline pun here.

1. Ines Sainz

The top spot goes to Ines Sainz. The Mexican hottie has an impeccable track record in gaining interviews which might otherwise have been refused. Combine this with her equally impeccable body and you have the perfect female sports personality. Spot on reporting, prevalent pitch-side antics, an almost-went-to-court sexual harassment locker-room accusation and an ass you could set your watch to. This woman was sent from heaven to tell men about sports.

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