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Of all the roles available to pretty, young actresses, one of the most enduring is “stripper with a heart of gold.” Here goes the list of the hottest, steamiest and best movie strippers ever. Enjoy!
1. Salma Hayek, “From Dusk Till Dawn”
movie strippers01
Robert Rodriguez’s horror-action-thriller features a small but memorable role for Hayek as demonic exotic dancer Satanico Pandemonium. She keeps her bra on, and her fangs out.
2.Elizabeth Berkley, “Showgirls”
movie strippers02
One of the most famous, beloved and ridiculed stripper movies. Who knew “Saved By the Bell’s” Jessie Spano had this to look forward to after high school?

3. Halle Berry, “Frankie & Alice”
movie strippers03
Berry plays a schizophrenic stripper in the dark drama “Frankie and Alice,” opening Dec. 10 for just one week to qualify for Oscars. It will return to theaters Feb. 4, 2011.

4. Rose McGowan, “Grindhouse”
movie strippers04
OK, we get it. Robert Rodriguez loves strippers! And so his girlfriend, McGowan, played a particularly badass stripper in his contribution to “Grindhouse,” “Planet Terror.”
5. Natalie Wood, “Gypsy”
movie strippers05
Playing striptease icon Gypsy Rose Lee in this classic 1962 musical, Wood went as far as the time period allowed.
6. Halle Berry, “The Last Boy Scout”
movie strippers06
“Frankie and Alice” isn’t the first time Berry’s played a stripper on screen. She also danced on stage as Damon Wayans’ girlfriend in this early-’90s action movie.
7. Jessica Alba, “Sin City”
movie strippers07
Another Rodriguez movie, another sexy stripper who shows only a little skin. Of course when it’s Alba on display, a tease is just fine.
8. Jessica Biel, “Powder Blue”

movie strippers08
Barely released in theaters, this poorly done “Crash” rip-off is known for two things: Patrick Swayze’s last movie role and Biel’s very revealing role as a stripper.
9. Lindsay Lohan, “I Know Who Killed Me”
movie strippers09
Lohan was double trouble in this thriller flop about identical twins menaced by a serial killer. And, oh yeah, one of them’s a stripper.
10. Marisa Tomei, “The Wrestler”
movie strippers10
Another Oscar-nominated stripper performance, this time from 44-year-old Tomei as a single mom involved with an over-the-hill professional wrestler (Mickey Rourke).
11. Natalie Portman, “Closer”
movie strippers11
Actresses don’t often find much respect playing strippers, but Portman won a Golden Globe and earned an Oscar nomination in this racy drama adapted from a play.
12. Demi Moore, “Striptease”
movie strippers12
Moore earned a then-record $12 million to bare her finely toned bod in a deliberately silly comedy.

13. Mia Kirshner, “Exotica”
movie strippers13
Much of this critically-acclaimed film’s action unfolds in a Canadian strip club, with Kirshner as the teenaged star performer.
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